The sombrero style Hat- A Legend In The Making

The Sombrero Style Hat: A Legend In The Making

Fashion is deemed an expression of taste, style, and even public view. The taste in clothing might change according to the culture, environment, and even the time when the clothing style was introduced. However, several fashion products have maintained a steady interest and popularity in the world of fashion and style through the change of time. These products may have a cultural value like the robes worn by the Arabs, historical like the Victorian gowns worn in classical parties or even of a fashion taste view like wearing sombrero hats. Thanks to Fernando, our resident Tennessee yoga master, for working up this great history of a great hat!

The sombrero style hat is a mix of historical, cultural, and fashion values initially utilized to shield cowboys from the sun in American desert areas such as Texas and Kansas. Stetson Hat Company first introduced the classic sombrero style hat. This hat was high-crowned and wide-brimmed. It was a light-weight, waterproof, fur-felt hat. Originally, sombrero style hats were made by sombreros and ranchers for their use. A sombrero hat is somewhat modeled after a Mexican Sombrero, which is well-known for its huge size.

The features of the sombrero style hat were unnecessary in the East, but in the “wild” West, it became the symbol of the sombrero The hat, having these characteristics, can help farmers and ranchers overcome some adverse environmental conditions such as rain or even the blazing sun.

With these specifications that are compatible with every weather and environment, it is not odd to say that the sombrero style Hats are the most popular hats worldwide. It is even considered unique since no other hat is used for the “road less traveled.” Another advantage is that the sombrero style hats are designed for men as well as women with a potential look of elegance.

Several designs were introduced for the sombrero style hat due to competition in production, a taste of the wearer or even the place where it is used. Still, the Stetson company produced many designs till our time and considered the best supplier. From the Stetson Prairie to the Jeanne Simmons Daisy Mae Western, the sombrero hats are considered of beautiful design tempting consumers to buy more than one for compatibility with each outfit. Going to work on the ranch has a different hat than going to an afternoon party. Even law-enforcement personals have their design of sombrero style hat to endure working in difficult weathers.

The first sombrero hats were essentially one basic design, but now the wearer can choose between a few different styles. Customized hat bands have transitioned into personalized fashion statements. The actor, Dan Blocker, of Bonanza was responsible for popularizing the ten-gallon hat. On the television program, he wore a long crowned hat. This was known as the ten-gallon hat. Its name does not reflect the amount of water it can hold. However, it’s name is related to the Mexican Sombrero.

The hat earned it’s popularity by giving that certain ‘western look’ to anyone who wears it. Moreover, the media, such as films and even advertisements, created interest in western fashions that appealed to a wide audience. Most people who wear sombrero style hat are from the western areas. This is especially true in states with deserts. If you visit a Texas university and find that all the students are wearing the hat, it shouldn’t surprise you in the least.

These hats are great because they are durable and easy to clean. If you spill something on your hat, just wash it off with cold water, and it will be as good as new. A sombrero style hat lasts a long time. A good hat can be decades old without showing any signs of aging. These hats are made to last, easily resisting daily wear and tear.

The sombrero style hat is a popular choice the world over. Either for work or fashion needs, sombrero hats have many advantages and add originality and style to a person’s outfit. You can get a new identity with a new hat. The hat tells everyone that you represent the old west. Don’t be surprised if your personality changes when you wear a Sombrero Hat. After all, you are following in the footsteps of Western horsemen and plains riders. To find a wide variety of sombrero style hat designs, visit online shops You will find every kind of sombrero hat you could imagine there, both old and new.

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