Agaves are the cactus type of plants that blossom with almost no water. They grow naturally in the south of the United States of America and Mexico. In spite of the fact that there are more than 300 species to browse, most prevalent species for home gardens are those with limited spikes and a low number of sharp teeth on the edges of every leaf.

Set up the position for planting admirably as these plants can grow to more than one meter in diameter and the middle spikes are best put far from pathways and front garden edges. Unless you are intending to give protection from people and animals from entering your property then perhaps this is a smart thought.  Maintenance involves pulling the older, dead, brown like leaves off from the base of the plant trunk. I tend to water them once per month if just to wash away soil and rotted material that may blow on to the leaves. Now and again you may likewise clip the finishes of every agave leaf to keep the closures clean.

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